UKITA Yozo was born in 1924 in Osaka. In 1948 he was engaged in the publication of children’s magazine, Kirin, and there he met Jiro Yoshihara. He began to learn about contemporary art and painting from Jiro and became a member of the Gutai group in 1955 and since then Ukita had several exhibitions.

In 1964, Ukita left Gutai group and took a break from exhibiting artworks until 1983. He participated in GUTAI * AU (Art Unidentified) exhibition in 1984, which was held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Ukita open a studio in 1985 in Higashinari, Osaka and continue to produce artworks in his studio.

During the 90s, Ukita participated in several exhibitions held in European countries such as Paris, Rome and Germany. Between 1944 to 2008, his works can be seen exhibiting in around Japan from Tokyo to Takatsuki. His most recent exhibition was held at Gallery Shimada, Kobe in August 2012.

Ukita pass away on July 21st 2013 at the age of 89 years old.