SAITO Yoshishige was born in Tokyo, 1904 and passed away in 2001.
From 1950s on, the abstract art activity in Japan centered Kobe in the Kansai region led by YOSHIHARA Jiro’s Gutai Group, and Tokyo in the Kanto region led by Mono-Ha Group.
As a professor in Tama Art University, SAITO Yoshishige became the representative member of the Mono-Ha Group.
Mono means material.
The Mono-Ha style is to arrange the material in their most original way possible.
As an influential member in the Mono-Ha Group, Korean Li U-Fan showed the identity of Korean aesthetics and Mono-Ha aesthetics.
The Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics can be seen in the tea ceremony, which are simple tearoom and teacup, the most original form of material.
The guru of tea ceremony, Senno Rikyu is Korean bloodline in some rumors.
Using minimalism as the keyword, YANAGI Soetsu re-evaluated the Korean folk art and Senno Rikyu’s tea ceremony.
I am expecting further research results on their relation to the SAITO Yoshishige’s Mono-Ha Group.