KUSAMA Yayoi was born in 1929, Nagano. She studied Japanese painting in Kyoto at when she was nineteen years old. Kusama begin to gain interest in European and American avant-garde and had several solo exhibition in Nagono and Tokyo during the fifties. In 1957, she went to the United States and ventured into the postwar international art scene.

In New York, Kusama produce her first Net painting in 1959, it was a giant canvas measuring up to 33 feet in width covering in rhythmic small, thickly painted tight loops. This piece of work started her obsession to develop other striking bodies of work, which includes several large paintings, soft sculpture which later are incorporated into life scale installations.

In 1968, the film ‘Kusama’s Self Obliteration’ which Kusama produce won a prize at the Forth International Experimental Film Competition in Belgium and the second prize at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. There after she held exhibitions and staged performance in various countries in Europe.

Kusama return to Japan in 1973 and continued to produce and show art works. In the 80s, Kusama held solo exhibition at the Musee Municipal, Dole and the Musee des Beaux Arts de Calais, France as well as in New York and London. In 1994, she began to create open-air sculptures and produced air pieces for Fukuoka Kenko Center, the Bunka-mura on Benesse island of Naoshima and many other locations such as Korea and Lisbon.

Kusama is well-known for her obsessive dot patterns, her skills in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, film, performance and immersive installations.